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Fragrances stir up memories and evoke emotions, and many people enjoy using fragranced products. To create them we only use high-quality ingredients that meet global standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

A person smelling a perfume on their wrist

Lots of ingredients are used to create a thoughtfully balanced fragrance that smells ‘just right’. Lilial is a fragrance ingredient historically used in products to create a ‘Lily-of-the valley’ aroma.

Your questions answered:

Why is lilial used in your products?

Lilial is used in a small number of our home, beauty and personal care products to provide a fresh and floral scent.

The scent ‘Lily-of-the-valley’ is extremely difficult to extract from flowers without generating significant amounts of waste. Lilial is a man-made, more sustainable alternative.

Is lilial safe?

Some studies have suggested that at high enough levels of exposure, lilial could be unsafe. These levels are much higher than people would have experienced from using our home, beauty and personal care products. However, because these effects are possible at significantly higher levels, the ingredient has been banned in cosmetic products by the EU.

In Europe, we have replaced lilial in our home, beauty and personal care products with alternative ingredients that deliver the same benefits. We have also replaced lilial in almost all of our formulations globally and are working on the last few remaining.

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